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NBA’s Exhibition in China This Season Means Global Fans Using Global Sites For Tickets


The NBA announced the 2013-2014 schedule next season, and while most fans may look first to the opener of the Bulls and Heat, teams like the Lakers and the Warriors will be hosting exhibitions in other countries to fans around the world. This exposure is great for the NBA, and it also opens up great exposure for tickets sites around the world. So where would you go if you wanted to purchase a ticket in China for the Lakers/Warriors game (that’s going for a steal at 33USD)?


Here is a screenshot of it’s website:

Picture 1

Besides a telephone number in the top right corner, I’m not sure how well a non-Chinese speaking American could navigate that website. But think about it from the perspective of the Chinese, or other countries all over the world. How is a non-English speaking individual supposed to navigate ticketing sites for when the NBA is in it’s regular season, or more importantly it’s postseason. What if they are in the States and want to see a game, where would they go? A team’s ticket office? Try an online site and use a translator? The question isn’t very easy to answer because in today’s technologically advanced world it seems as if nobody goes to the ticket office anymore. Everything is online. This could possibly be something ticket venders could value to capture the non-American tourist market, even though it might be a smaller target audience.


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