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Tixers Goes On The Road to Minnesota; 3 Games in 3 Days

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Last weekend Tixers went on the road, 3 games in 3 days, in the great state of Minnesota. 1 College Football game, 1 NFL game, and 1 MLB game. The three games were quite the experience, mixing in many intriguing and different elements of the ticket trade market.

Day 1: College Football


Teams: University of Minnesota vs. San Jose State University

How Tickets Were Acquired: 2 as a gift, 1 via seller outside of stadium.

Outcome: Minnesota Wins 43-24

Day 2: NFL Football


Teams: Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns

How Tickets Were Acquired: 5 using the secondary market website SeatGeek.com

Outcome: Browns win 31-27

Day 3: MLB Game


Teams: Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers

How Tickets Were Acquired: As a gift

Outcome: Twins win 4-3 in extra innings


There were many valuable things to learn from this experience. Starting with the trip to TCF Bank Stadium where the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers play football. Going in a group of three to the game, the Tixers team was fortunate enough to receive two tickets as a gift, leaving one more to be acquired by others means. Thankfully a scalper was willing to sell an individual ticket at a reasonable price to the group. Interestingly, if the group had tried to scalp a ticket in 2006 it would have been illegal, but in 2007 Minnesota repealed the law that made ticket scalping a crime. It is important to note that each state has different laws regarding the secondary market, which SeatGeek.com lays out very simply here.

The next day between the Vikings and Browns was actually the reason this whole trip to Minnesota was planned. Alex Burkhart, Founder and CEO of Tixers, is a diehard Cleveland sports fan and his roommate who is from Minnesota, is a diehard Vikings fan. Going to the game was a great chance not only to see their two teams play, but also as an opportunity to go to another stadium and see what the secondary market is like there. For this game five tickets were acquired on the secondary market via SeatGeek.  For a long distance trip with multiple parties coming from different locations it made the most sense to buy from a website ahead of time rather than scalpers at the game (IMHO). From a personal standpoint the more people you have in a group the harder it is to acquire seats from a scalper at a reasonable price and all together on gameday. Plus it puts everyone at ease if they know they have a ticket, especially for a sold-out game.

Finally on Monday night, the last day of the trip, the group went to the Minnesota Twins game. This was an interesting game from a ticket standpoint for several reasons: the Twins were a 90+ loss team and weren’t going to sellout the stadium, the Tigers were a playoff team, it was near the end of the MLB season with playoff implications, it was on a Monday in September which aren’t ideal factors from a ticket selling standpoint, Target Field is a relatively new stadium having been built in 2010, and the list can go on-and-on. What is interesting is how the ticket market can be affected by so many different factors. If the team is good, if it’s an outdoor stadium and it’s cold, what sport is it, what’s the fanbase like, are there any other games that day… Hundreds of questions that can make a ticket worth $5 or $500 on the secondary market. All in all it was a fun and valuable learning experience for Tixers as a whole.


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