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The Value Of Following Your Favorite Team On Twitter

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Just a few examples of the ever evolving world that is Twitter and how it is positively changing the way fans are able to experience the game. The example today is NBA twitter accounts. With a new season right around the corner teams are gearing up  in the ticket sales department, and that means being able to spread the news of deals and giveaways in the most effective and effiecient ways possible. What better way than a service that is free and is able to reach thousand of fans at once; Twitter. If you’re a Piston fan, but not following the team on Twitter, how else are you going to hear about the deal they’re having on 100 and 200 level seats? In Cleveland if you buy some Pepsi you can get a deal on Cavs tickets, and all it takes to be privy to that knowledge is a follow to the team’s Twitter account. Twitter is changing the game. Getting news out in a cost effective way, to fans that are interested in the team, without wasting time on people that aren’t. It’s a win win for all parties involved, so if you’re a fan who’s looking for deals on your favorite team, why not follow them on Twitter.


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