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2013-14 NHL Season Is Underway! Can You Guess Which Team Didn’t Sellout It’s First Game?

The NHL season is underway, just one year removed from the lockout-shortened-season of 2012-13. In last year’s shortened season we saw the Chicago Blackhawks win it all, the Bruins lost it in 17 seconds, the Florida Panthers finished last in the league, and the New Jersey Devils tied 8th to last in the league. Does that last fact seem a little out of place? It might, except for the fact that out of the 14 teams to host openeners this week, New Jersey was the only team not to sellout.

Picture 3

Hockey fans have often been called the most dedicated fans in professional sports. A special kind of fan that, although fewest in numbers compared to MLB/NFL/NBA, are the most rampant about their teams. What does this say about Devils fans? Are they the worst fans in the league, or is this just an anomaly and it’s the beginning of the season? The Devils are only 2 years removed from reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. They have a great fanbase. In 2012-13 they were 21st out of 30th in % of capacity. This will be interesting to see where this goes throughout the season.


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