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No Worries of Bambino Curse: Red Sox Already Selling World Series Tickets Prior To Start Of ALCS

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The American League Championship Series hasn’t started yet between the Red Sox and Tigers, but the Red Sox ticket office is already starting to sell World Series tickets in the event the Red Sox beat the Tigers in the best-of-seven series. Per NESN, there will be limited release today, October 11th, at 2pm. Fans are limited to four tickets a piece that range in price from $125-$375. This is very common for all potential playoff matchups in any sports organization. For example, The Nationals  were selling playoff tickets to season ticket holders this year before they were elminated from contention. Although it would be interesting if the Red Sox ticket office did this prior to 2004, when the Curse of the Bambio was still looming deeply in many Sox fans’ minds. Fortunately it’s been lifted since then, twice, so the Sox have no worries of a jinx.

For ticket information call 888-RED-SOX6 (888-733-7696).


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