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Chicago Man Arrested for Selling Fake Bears Tickets For Second Time; Faces Seven Felony Charges


NBC ChicagoGeorge Huff, 25, was arrested Tuesday, after four different victims accused him of scamming them with what turned out to be phony tickets. Two of those victims bought blocks of four tickets, the others each bought one pair. The incidents took place Sept. 4, 23, and 26, and Oct. 1. 

Tuesday’s charges follow other felony charges last month involving three other alleged attempts to sell fake tickets to sporting events. after Huff was arrested Sept. 5 on charges that he tried to sell four fake Bears tickets to someone in the South Loop for $600, police said.

Guys like George Huff here are why people in today’s age are moving away from buying tickets from scalpers or Craigslist, and turning instead to trusted secondary market sites. On multiple occasions people bought Bears tickets from this man, one of the most expensive tickets in the NFL, only to get to the gate and find out that they’re phony. So why scalp tickets at all? From a consumer’s standpoint there are several reasons: you can get a deal, you can negoiate price, you can pay cash, and the more the scalpers the better chance for a lower price. All of these reasons are valid, but they all come with the same inherent risk. The ticket could still be fake, or even worse, it could be a real hard copy ticket that was already sold. Meaning a scalper could have uploaded their ticket to a secondary site like Tixers or Stubhub, sold there ticket, but they still have the hard copy ticket which is now void. This scam is very hard for ticket buyers because they are actually receiving a real ticket. The best way to avoid these situations goes without saying, but it’s to stay away from scalpers and use trusted sites instead.

There are several reasons why secondary market ticket sites have become so popular. Ease of use, saves on time, saves money (if you can find a deal). But, the single most important thing of all secondary ticket sites is TRUST. People go to these sites with credit cards in tow because they know that once they pay for their tickets, they will receive those tickets. Tickets are verified before the seller can put them on the market. Payment is processed through safe technology. Fraud protection is the single most important thing for a secondary ticket site, because without it there is zero trust, and without trust there are no consumers who will purchase tickets from your site. With all the safeguards out there for secondary sites, there is still a heavy market of scalpers, and with scalpers comes high risk.


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