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Update: StubHub Cancels $3 World Series Ticket Sale, Has A Happy Ending Though


As was reported yesterday, a fan purchased a ticket to Game 1 of the World Series tonight for a mere $3! (+$3 in service fees), but unfortunately the sale didn’t go through when StubHub voided the transaction. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell the sale was deemed fradulent:

Picture 2

Deadspin.com originately reported the story and made contact with the buyer, known as Erik. In their followup article after the sale didn’t go through they asked Erik what exactly happened?

via Deadspin:

“Apparently the seller contacted stub hub because I got an email saying they were canceling my $6 World Series ticket.

Also I got a poorly worded voicemail saying that the ticket was fake and that I was protected by the fan protect guarantee. I’d get my 6 bucks back. Woohoo. 

After more time on the phone I finally got them to give me a $50 account credit. That’s it. I’m pretty pissed because I was going to take 2 half days, fly wed to boston from Pittsburgh and back Thursday morning after the game.


It would’ve been great to show up and be the guy who got to go for $3″


The story could’ve ended there in a what-if scenario, but fortunately for Erik higher-ups at Stub Hub heard about his story and are providing him replacement tickets in a comparable location at Stub Hub’s expense. He gets to go to the game after all!

This was truly a unique story based on all the circumstances, and given Stub Hub’s quick action they avoided looking like the bad guys in this case. There was speculation that Stub Hub wanted to void the transaction as well, because they would receive lower service fees for such a cheap ticket. If the ticket was priced at $750, Stub Hub would’ve received about $187.50 in fees, as opposed to the $3 from Erik.





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