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80 Incidents of Fake Tickets Sold At World Series Game 3



Fox St. Louis –  Some fans who thought they had tickets to the game were left out in the cold because of phony tickets.  Police report 80 incidents of counterfeiting on Saturday night.   Now there is an effort to crack down on counterfeiters.


The problem with scalping continues, in this case it’s World Series tickets. Police are on the lookout for scalpers who are selling fraudulent tickets to the Fall Classic at a staggering number, 80 incidents were reported. One big tip police are urging the public to do is to not post pictures of tickets on social media websites, whether you’re a seller or not. The reason being that counterfeiters are duplicating the bar codes on photos of tickets and creating counterfeits. According to the story by Fox St. Louis there was one arrest Saturday night, and they are still looking for two suspects.


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