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Record Low Monday Night Football Tickets Tonight As St. Louis Prepares To Host World Series Game and MNF


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Tonight the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Rams are both hosting home games, which marks only the second time in history a World Series game and Monday Night Football game have overlapped, according to Elias Sports Bureau.  The Cardinals play the Red Sox in game 5 of the World Series, which is currently tied 2-2, at 8:07pm EST. The Rams kickoff against the Seahawks about 30 minutes later at 8:40pm. The two stadiums are less than a mile apart. Under normal circumstances, for a normal sports town, most fans would prefer watching a World Series baseball game over a regular season football game, but there still could be some diehard football supporters given the team and city. St. Louis isn’t a normal sports town and these aren’t normal circumstances.


St. Louis has long been considered a baseball town over a football town. In 2011, Bleacher Report made a power ranking list of Best Baseball Cities with St. Louis coming in at #1. The Cardinals have won the World Series twice since 2006. Year in and year out they have one of the best home attendance records in baseball. The Rams on the other-hand are in a little bit of different spot in terms of winning. Currently the team is last in it’s division, and franchise quarterback Sam Bradford just went down with a season ending injury last week. They haven’t made the playoffs in nine years. Their last Super Bowl was in 1999, which seems a lot more distant than it should be. All of those factors have led to tonight’s MNF game being one of the cheapest tickets all season.

Tickets are currently going on sale for less than $10. This morning Darren Rovell tweeted out some stats on the current ticket situation for the Rams:

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According to Bloomberg Businessweek and SeatGeek, before the MLB playoffs started Rams tickets were going for $116 on average. They have dipped significantly since then with tickets averaging $58 during the NLCS, and average as low as $21 this past week. A staggering number that goes to show which sport this city sides with.



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