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First Look At The Upcoming Tixers Video

tixers vid cover

Last week we had a guest blog from our founder, Alex Burkhart, detailing the story of Tixers from the original idea, to Cincinnati Startup Week, to UpTech, and to present day. It’s a great story and if you have the time to read it I highly suggest it because it really gives you a full picture view of what Tixers is and where it started. Alex thought it would be a good idea to also come up with a Tixers video, for those of you who are more visually stimulated. Basically an “about us” video that encompasses all viewers; general public, current investors, future investors, and people who are looking for a new ticket sharing solution. We teamed up with the Columbus-based company Hayo founded by Nils Root, who also happens to be from the same hometown as Alex, to help us produce this video. Nils has produced, directed, edited (pretty much everything’d),  great professional videos for Hayo for a over a year and a half now. If you are considering making an insightful video of your company, weather its a startup or one that’s been around for a while, I sincerely would reach out to Nils and Hayo if you live in the area. GoHeyo.com

The concept for the Tixers video is that we would try to get in as many stadiums as we can in the Cincinnati area, film it, and give the viewer an idea of what being a Tixer is all about. The finished product is on its way, and when it is finished the Tixers Blog will be one of the first to post it. But until then we have some great pictures from the entire process that took place last weekend. From the Bengals/Browns game, to Nibbert Stadium, to the Cintas Center, and even a full tour of the Reds Stadium, we hit it all…

(click to scroll through gallery)


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