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NFL Week 12 Ticket Price Roundup: Which Teams Have The Most Expensive and Cheapest Ticket This Week

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The AFC East once again proves that any matchup in that division is going to be a top ticket, as we can see this week by the matchup between the Cowboys (5-5) @ Giants (4-6). Not even Brady vs. Manning in Foxborough could top that ticket. On the other end of the spectrum we see a bit of an anomaly when the Panthers meet the Dolphins. Miami is 5-5 on the year, hosting a Carolina team that is 7-3, so one would think this would be a great game to see. But Miami’s reputation of not being a sports town preceeds itself, as they are the cheapest ticket this weekend. There is no surprise why Jaguars (1-9) @ Texans (2-8) is at the bottom of the totem pole. Lastly, the Monday Night Football game falls right in the middle of the pack as the 49ers visit Washington D.C. The Redskins have had a disappointing season thus far in RGIII’s sophomore season, and as we are getting into the latter stages of the season, chances for a playoff spot are pretty much slim to none.

That’s the recap on the average ticket price for NFL’s week 12, hope all you readers enjoy the games, and may your teams win! (unless your a packers fan :)

All ticket prices are based off of TiqIq and include ticket prices from auctions that may skew results.


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