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Forecasting The East’s Best Team, The Indiana Pacers

Picture 1Picture 2The Pacers hold a Conference-best record of 20-4 and an even more staggering home record of 11-1! That home record is second best in the entire league. Through their first 12 home games the Field House has averaged a 91.6% sellout rate. Looking into the second half of their December schedule they have some favorable matchups and arguably it’s toughest test out of the bunch is on Friday night against Houston. As you can see from the image above the Pacer’s home schedule (highlighted in gold) is:

12/20 vs. Houston (16-9)

12/22 vs. Boston(12-14)

12/28 vs. Brooklyn (9-15)

12/31 vs. Cleveland (9-14)

For a great defensive team, currently 1st in points allowed in the NBA, they seem to rise to the occasion even more at home, which is exactly why you need to go see them in person. And if you can’t tell already where this blog is heading then you’re about to find out it’s a shameless plug for Tixers. Hey it’s our blog, kinda comes with the territory :) . So, if you live in Indianapolis or you want to travel in to see a get a hold of us for tickets.




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