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Cincy Business Courier Names Tixers In “Top Three Startup Stories Of 2013” Article

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Cincinnati Business CourierYear in Review: Top 3 startup stories of 2013, and what I’m looking forward to next year. “This was a big year for Cincinnati, for startups and for me…I was lucky to come in as Cincinnati’s startup renaissance is surging. I was quickly introduced to the Brandery,CincyTech, Cintrifuse, the Hamilton County Business Center and many of the other supporters of local entrepreneurs here in the city…Speaking of the Brandery, fellow grad Donde unveiled its platform to direct consumers into physical store locations. Alex Burkhart created Tixers to change the way people bought and traded sporting or event tickets and was accepted into UpTech for its second class, the first in its new headquarters. There are a lot more stories like this to celebrate in Cincinnati,so check them out on our website.”

Andy Brownfield of the Cincinnati Business Courier wrote a great article today about the thriving state of the startups in Cincinnati, calling it a “startup renaissance,” and naming Tixers and our founder Alex Burkhart as one of the biggest stories of the year. Andy went into great detail about the current state of Cincy startups and the great outlook it has on 2014. In 2012, CNN Money named Cincinnati one of six cities where startups are currently thriving in the US. Alongside places like Boulder, Nashville, Provo, Omaha, and Des Moines, it really put Cincinnati in a great light as a place to build a business. Andy went on to state that in the mid 2000’s Cincinnati startups were in great need of seed funding, and after CincyTech and Bob Coy helped fill that void with $3.3 million in investments the city is now seeing the fruits of his labor build into a thriving startup ecosystem. “In all, CincyTech portfolio companies saw $49.5 million in co-investment this year.”

With the likes of CincyTech, Cincinnati Startup Weekend, The Brandery, Centrifuse, and Uptech it is clear that Cincinnati and the Northern Kentucky area is a great place to see companies grow. Tixers as most of you know is in the Uptech accelerator program and we hope to build on the progress made in our first year looking into 2014. Things that you, the consumer, can look forward to coming out of Tixers in the next year: the next phase of our website coming out soon that will make it easier to share/sell/and buy tickets, our company video illustrating who we are and how we work to help you get into stadiums to watch your favorites teams and make sure your tickets go unwasted, and lastly the overall growth of the company. With your help and the help of the great area that we work in it is truly something to look forward to going into the next year!


One comment on “Cincy Business Courier Names Tixers In “Top Three Startup Stories Of 2013” Article

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