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Want to Attend the Super Bowl in a Luxury Suite? You Might Need $1 Million



NY Post – Luxury Super Bowl seat prices hit the $1 million mark Monday — with frigid weather expected to fuel hot demand for indoor seats at MetLife Stadium. An optimistic seller listed an amenity-heavy, climate-controlled suite for the Feb. 2 Seattle-Denver showdown at $1,019,000 on the secondary ticket market, and plenty of other sellers came in above the $500,000 mark.

This year’s Super Bowl has taken on a lot of criticism for being the first Super Bowl to be held in an outdoor stadium in a cold weather climate, but that doesn’t mean that all fans who attend the game will be left to deal with the elements. MetLife stadium houses 220 total suites that include full bars, catered food, televisions, and most important of all- temperature controlled rooms. Regular lower level seats for the Super Bowl are already outrageously expensive, but suites are hitting the secondary markets for record highs. Normally luxury suites command a price tag anywhere from $100,000-500,000, but this year we could see double that.

According to the NY Post, a seller put up a box for just over $1 million ($1,019,000 to be exact). Initial prices on the secondary market are sky-high for all Super Bowl tickets this year because of what seems to be a dream match-up for the NFL. The league’s best offense lead by Peyton Manning’s Broncos goes up against the league’s best defense in the Seattle Seahawks. With all the hype leading up to this game we are still two weeks away from kickoff, forcing experts to believe that secondary ticket prices will drop. That doesn’t mean you still can’t buy a luxury suite right now for a cool million. Just know that league’s commission, Roger Goodell, won’t be enjoying the same temperature-controlled atmosphere as those in the suites because he has vowed to sit outdoors for the game.

WEATHER WATCH: For those who trust weather reports more than 10-days in advance: Accuweather is forecasting a low of 19 degrees at MetLife stadium on Super Bowl night and wind of nearly 20 mph (info taken 1/20/13).

For those who would rather trust the Farmer’s Almanac (which claims an 80% accuracy rate based on planetary positions, sunspots and lunar cycles and being 197-year-old publication) it predicts a snow storm that weekend.

The average high temperature on Feb. 2 in northern New Jersey is 40 degrees, and the average low is 25, according to David Robinson, state climatologist of New Jersey and USA Today. 


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