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Schools Are Making It Nearly Impossible For Students To Re-sell Final Four Tickets

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The last weekend of the NCAA Tourney is coming, and with that thousands of co-eds from across the country will be flocking to Arlington, Texas to see their respective teams play; however if they’re looking to flip their tickets, they should think again. Per the TIME article, ticket sales operation for the remaining schools provide a laundry list of rules and requirements for those seeking to purchase Final Four seats at the student rate. “Students may only purchase ONE Final Four ticket,” is the first policy listed. And this one is the rule that makes it all but impossible for students hoping to sell their seats:

“The credit card used to purchase tickets must be presented by the purchasing student to gain admission to AT&T Stadium, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. A credit card can only be used to purchase one student ticket, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Students will also be required to present their [student ID] to gain admission into AT&T Stadium.”

That means if you’re Joe College, there’s a slim-to-none chance of you making five to ten times the amount of your $40 student ticket.

For non-student season ticket holders the barriers of entering the secondary market are far less restricting. Per UK’s Athletic site, tickets for season ticket holders are going for $300 per ticket, with zero mention of credit card or amount restrictions.


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