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Tixers Moments: 2014 Final Four

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At Tixers our goal is to make it easier for the fans to get tickets to see their favorite teams live. There’s something about that in-game experience that makes for truly great stories. Whether you’re trading in tickets, buying from our inventory, or maybe you’re not even using Tixers. We love hearing all of your unique experiences, which is why the blog is going to feature stories called- Tixers Moments.

What are Tixers Moments? Any kind of story that captures what it’s like to enjoy a game. Whether it’s last second tickets, taking someone to their first game, traveling to all the baseball stadiums in one Summer. Anything! Because Tixers is committed to improving the fan experience and we want to hear all about it from your perspective.

Our first moment came from earlier this month at the 2014 NCAA Final Four. For the anonymity sake we’ll call our storyteller Rob. Here is his first hand account:

“Rob and a group of friends went to Arlington, TX for the Final Four with no tickets and just the hopes of having a good time. As big UK fans you can’t really blame them for not having a Final Four trip planned out-as an #8 seed and in arguably the toughest region in the tournament, UK didn’t have the clearest path to Texas. On the night of the April 5th, Florida and UCONN had the first game of the final four with UK playing Wisconsin in the nightcap. 
Rob and his pals thought they would go to a few UK friendly bars during the first game, have some cheer, and maybe scope out the ticket scene. The only problem was- there was no ticket scene. Scalpers were nowhere to be found. The reason? If you recall I blogged about a new ticket procedure for students that required them to scan their ID and credit card. Well, apparently that wasn’t just for students. With the new systems scalpers were very hard to come by for Rob and his friends. But hey, they were just there for a good time. If they got into the game that would be great, but if not? No worries.
According to Rob their luck was about to change, 
“We had stayed at a bar near the stadium till halftime of the Florida game. At that time we hadn’t seen almost any scalpers. At one point we ran into a couple of UK fans, and one of them was sobbing. Apparently, she was planning on buying off scalpers as well, but when she was unable to find any the sadness of missing out on the game got to her. 
Just then we see a local news team, right outside AT&T Stadium, that looks like they are wrapping up a story they just did. It was clear that they all had press passes, so I thought ‘Hey, might as well ask. Worst they could do is turn me down.’ I went up to one of the crew and asked if  his press pass could get me into the arena. He said it would, with the only caveat being it doesn’t come with a seat. So, then I asked if he would be willing to sell me his for $50. After that transaction was made I had my three friends each buy press passes as well.
Now, I’m not sure of the legality of all this, but we were doing this right in front of a police officer. He sees it and doesn’t do a thing. Good for us! 
Here’s what a press pass for the Final Four looks like:
Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 1.19.23 PM


(EDITORS NOTE: Rob didn’t send us any pictures, but this is what a normal press pass looked like for the Final Four. This screen grab was taken from Twitter- Jeff Herndon has nothing to do with this story, it’s just an example). 
Once we got in I was gonna see just how far I could go with this. I told my buddies, “Look in gonna try to get to lower level. Just see what I do and if it works follow me.”
I walked past the first guard to get to the lower level. Smooth sailings. Than I thought about going down to the floor. I have no idea how far these passes will get me, but I just act like I know where I’m going and walk fast. Before I know it I was 20 feet behind the bench! 
20 feet behind the bench when I was literally at the bar less than 30 minutes ago with no tickets and no prospects. At one point we head over to an NCAA Tent under the seats that includes all-inclusive food and drink. I even passed by Clark Kellogg as I was walking in and gave him a friendly “Hello!”
The only snag we hit was when my friends tried to get in the tent. Three of us got in, but one got caught up.
Still we enjoyed the night and I got to see the Kentucky Wildcats play a Final Four game from about 20 feet away from the court for the entire game.
If I would’ve guess how the night ended up I wouldn’t have pictured it to turn out so successful. It was truly an amazing experience. One that I will remember for a lifetime.”

It’s stories like Rob’s that get us excited about being in the ticket industry. From watching games at a bar, to passing by Clark Kellogg inside Jerry World. If he had been caught what’s the worst that could happen? For $50 Rob an his friends have an experience that they will never forget.

That’s what Tixers wants to bring to fans. The chance to turn a normal night into one for the ages. Sure, Rob used a local news crew instead of Tixers, but the message is still the same. If you and your fiends wanted to go to a game or a concert at the last minute and need tickets just use Tixers. You never know if it might turn into an unforgettable night.

And if you have stories you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear them!

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