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Ohio State Boasts Top Season Ticket Sales Among Students In Big 10


Last week, Penn State announced that it sold over 21,000 student season tickets, claiming the “#1 ranked student section in America,” but yesterday that title got taken away. The Ohio State University sold 29,614 student packages for the upcoming season. That’s nearly 30% of Buckeye co-eds that will make up a newly renovated Ohio Stadium that will seat 105,000 for the upcoming season. Since 2012, Ohio State has seen a 15% jump in student ticket sales. In that same time span other conference foes have seen a different fates.

The University of Michigan projected student ticket sales fall somewhere between 13,000-14,000, which is a far cry from where they were in 2012 at 21,000 tickets sold. Minnesota is forced to sell student tickets to the general public, even after opening a brand new stadium only five years ago. Nebraska only allots 8,500 tickets for students, for which most have been taken and “incoming freshmen are still picking them up this summer,” according to Chris Anderson- Nebraska’s associate athletic director for community relations.

Other Big Ten teams have yet to release concrete student ticket info.


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