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1,600 StubHub Users Hacked In $1 Million Ticket Scam


WALL STREET JOURNAL– “Authorities charged six men with running an international identity-theft scheme that hacked the profiles of registered StubHub users, purchased tickets under their accounts, then resold them, authorities said Wednesday.

The profiles of more than 1,600 users were compromised, which authorities said earned the ring more than $1 million that was sent to accomplices in the U.S., England, Germany, Russia and Canada.”

Every so often on this blog we will post stories about ticket scams that are usually referring to phony tickets or duplicates to make the reader more knowledgable about what’s going on in the ticket world; but we’ve never had a full-blown identity theft story involving the biggest secondary ticket company, internationals from all over the globe, and over $1 million in tickets stolen.

The deception started in March 2013 when StubHub noticed fraudulent purchases being made. Two men in Russia allegedly hacked information from StubHub users and then used that info to purchase over 3,500 tickets to high-demand events. They then sent those tickets to three other men who then resold them online or in-person for monumental profits.

Those three men were allegedly Daniel Petryszyn, 28 years old; Lawrence Brinkmeyer, 29; and Bryan Caputo, 29. They have pleaded non-guilty and are currently being held on bail. Petryszyn (pictured right) on $2 million, Mr. Caputo (pictured left) on $500,000 bail. The two Russia men have yet to be named, as the US is still efforting to extradite them for trial.


It goes to show that ticket scammers can range from small time- like stealing bar codes, to big time- like an international ring of Cyberhackers who profited $1 million from stealing identities and selling real tickets. StubHub is known for having high standards with fraudulent tickets and customer service, and to their credit they’ve handled this situation very well. StubHub’s director of trust and safety, Eric Boyles, said of the matter, “We are pleased to see these cybercriminals brought to justice.”

The intent of this blog isn’t to point out a major incident for one of the biggest companies in our industry in a mocking way, rather it’s to keep the consumer informed. Always be mindful of your online accounts.


One comment on “1,600 StubHub Users Hacked In $1 Million Ticket Scam

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