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Lumenosity Ticket Scam Explained & How Tixers Is Helping

The Situation:

Lumenosity is a visually stunning light show synced to the music of the Cincinnati Orchestra who plays the event live. Last year was the first year of this FREE event, and due to its popularity the organizers of Lumenosity 2014 wanted to issue FREE tickets for it; in essence to control the masses of people who will be down at OTR’s Washington Park. Over 37,000 FREE tickets were offered online earlier this year. The problem? Within minutes all the tickets were claimed, leaving a lot of people upset about missing out on this event.

The Problem:

In the video above Tixers founder, Alex Burkhart, explains just how those tickets were claimed. It was the work of bots, snatching up as many tickets as possible to this highly anticipated event. And now we know the reason- people are selling Lumenosity tickets for profit, even though it’s a FREE event (notice how the word FREE has been in all caps throughout this blog, that’s why). Organizers of Lumenosity are not happy about people making a profit off an event that they believe should be open to the public at no cost, and Tixers feels the same way.

How Does Tixers Factor In?

Customers have been putting in requests in for Lumenosity tickets and are even willing to pay money for them. This puts us in a tough spot, because although it would be easy to charge for an event that’s in such high demand, we feel it isn’t fair or ethical to charge for something that is supposed to be free.

In a perfect world if we acquired Lumenosity tickets for free, we would certainly give them away for free. But due to scalpers and botts buying up tickets, we aren’t even able to get our hands on any.

The Solution

What are we doing for these customers?  Our solution is to actually find and acquire as many tickets as possible, for as cheap as possible, so that we can give them away FOR FREE to customers desperately hoping to see this awesome show.
Our hope is that  this loyalty and mission to customers to give customers fair market value will pay off in the long run.
That is all as of now on the current situation of Lumenosity. If you read this entire post we thank you. And if you’re one of the individuals trying to profit on this great event, that Cincinnati will most likely pride itself on for years and years to come, then you should think twice and ask if it’s really worth it.
Here’s a slide show of some awesome pics from Lumenosity 2013, have a great weekend everybody!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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