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When Does Your NHL Team’s Single Game Tickets Go On Sale (Bonus: Average Price Per Ticket For Each Team)

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It might sound crazy to hear, but the NHL preseason is less than a month away. No seriously, preseason games start at the end of the month with the first match-ups starting September 21st. I’m sure like most sports fans you’re probably thinking the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs just ended a couple of months ago… and you would be right. Much like the NBA season, the playoffs ended in June for both leagues, and only three short months later we are having preseason games. If you’re wondering when the NBA Single Game Ticket Sales begin for your team have no fear, we will cover that in another blog shortly. For now though, it’s all about the puck.

I always find it interesting for teams that aren’t able to sell single game tickets due to sold out season ticket packages, like the Packers and Patriots in the NFL, there are three teams that can claim that title in the National Hockey League. Those teams are: the LA Kings who’ve won two of the last three Stanley Cups, the Jets who moved back to the Winnipeg in 2011 after moving out-of-town in 1996, and lastly the Toronto Maple Leafs- the NHL’s most valuable team as listed by Forbes.

As for the main reason of this blog a few teams have already begun selling single game tickets, while some teams like the Minnesota Wild, aren’t selling tickets until the 20th of September. Furthermore some teams, like the Flyers, Coyotes, and Rangers, have yet to even release of date of when tickets will go on sale.

Needless to say is the summer went by too fast, and I don’t want the hockey fans of the world to be caught off guard when their favorite team starts selling individual tickets. Also make sure you know what to pay by providing the average price for each team. Those numbers are provided by the great data at SeatGeek.com.


One comment on “When Does Your NHL Team’s Single Game Tickets Go On Sale (Bonus: Average Price Per Ticket For Each Team)

  1. […] As promised, here is the list of NBA average ticket prices, and while most results make sense some are rather shocking. What is non-suprising is the team that takes the top spot- the Cleveland Cavaliers. Anchored by the return of the best player in basketball, the new edition of all-star Kevin Love, and 22-year-old phenom Kyrie Irving, sales for the Cavs have never been better. But fresh faces and huge talent don’t always ramp up ticket sales, sometimes it’s just a good old fashion winning tradition, which is the case for the #2 spot held by Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. The LA Lakers have 11 titles (5 more if you count the titles won in Minneapolis) themselves, but in terms of recent success the Miami Heat have been to four straight Finals. That success, coupled with the departure of LeBron, hasn’t translated to high ticket sales. […]


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