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List of Most Expensive Average Ticket By Each NBA Team

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As promised, here is the list of NBA average ticket prices, and while most results make sense some are rather shocking. What is non-suprising is the team that takes the top spot- the Cleveland Cavaliers. Anchored by the return of the best player in basketball, the new edition of all-star Kevin Love, and 22-year-old phenom Kyrie Irving, sales for the Cavs have never been better. But fresh faces and huge talent don’t always ramp up ticket sales, sometimes it’s just a good old fashion winning tradition, which is the case for the #2 spot held by Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. The LA Lakers have 11 titles (5 more if you count the titles won in Minneapolis) themselves, but in terms of recent success the Miami Heat have been to four straight Finals. That success, coupled with the departure of LeBron, hasn’t translated to high ticket sales.

The Heat rank 13th on the list of average NBA ticket prices, behind teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, Charlotte Hornets, and Sacramento Kings to name a few. All those teams missed the playoffs last year. But the Heat, who had the no. 2 seed in the eastern conference last year aren’t in as bad a shape as the no. 1 seed.

The Indiana Pacers rank almost dead last in average ticket price at $61.05, which shouldn’t come as a surprise after losing superstar Paul George to a horrific leg injury this summer. It’s too bad to see a team and franchise that had such promise will have to wait a full year to be championship contenders again.

Data provided by SeatGeek as of 9/9/14

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