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Vikings @ Packers Ticket Cheapest in Five Years; and the Top Five Most Expensive NFL Tickets of the Week

Photo credit: Green Bay Packers Official Facebook page

Photo credit: Green Bay Packers Official Facebook page

According to Forbes, this years rivalry game between the Vikings and Packers at Lambeau Field is only going for an average of $143.39 on the secondary market, the lowest it’s been in five years. Last year when the Packers hosted the Vikings the average ticket price was $174.77. Why such the low price for a big rivalry game? Several factors may contribute to the low number.

1. It’s a Thursday night game. Even though these two teams play on bordering states, a drive from Minneapolis to Lambeau field is still about 4 hours and 15 minutes. Not exactly ideal for fans commuting from Minnesota who want to make the 7:15 PM (Central Time) kickoff, or when they have to drive home.

2. The teams. Both teams are 2-2, but both came into the season with very different expectations. One could say that a Packer fan most likely would see that record as a poor start, while a Viking fan would see that as solid progress for a first year coach and young team.

3. Injuries, specifically Vikings quarterbacks. Matt Cassel, who started the season opener, was put on season-ending IR after a week three foot injury against the Saints. His backup, rookie Teddy Bridgewater, filled in great for Cassel, guiding them to a blowout victory last week agasint the Falcons. Unfortunately, Bridgewater didn’t finish the game when he hurt his ankle. The results were hopeful for Vikings fans when it was revealed that it was just a sprain, but Bridgewater hasn’t practiced all week leading up to today. Which leaves one final QB on the roster for the Vikings. Christian Ponder. Not exactly the guy who puts people in the stands if you already have to travel four hours on a Thursday night.

4. It an anomaly. These teams will play again in seven weeks in Minnesota in a game that has an average price of $227.78. For perspective, that average ticket price would make it one of the top five of this weeks games, which you can see what they are below.

For those wondering at home the overall series is 56-49-2 lead by the Green Bay Packers. 

Lastly, the most expensive NFL tickets for week five with numbers provided by TiqIQ:

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