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Q&A with Tixers Founder Alex Burkhart Published on WCPO Cincinnati Today

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Nice little article from WCPO Cincinnati detailing everything you need to know about Tixers from a Q&A with our founder, Alex Burkhart. Writer Christine Charlson chronicles with Alex where the Tixers idea originated, how the company is able to separate itself from the herd, and where it’s headed next.

“Local start-up Tixers is upping its game, competing with online ticket retailers and exchange sites. The  company issues credits for people to immediately sell, swap, upgrade or buy tickets for sporting events, concerts, shows and more. The company just entered a major partnership with Xavier University to broker tickets for the upcoming Musketeers basketball season.

We talked to co-owner Alex Burkhart about his startup, currently located at the UpTech accelerator in Covington.

1. What gave you the idea to start Tixers?

I was on a 36-hour sports bender, I went to a Notre Dame football game with some friends on a Saturday and on Sunday I went to two NFL games in one day; an Indianapolis Colts game and a Cincinnati Bengals game. And literally I was at the top of Paul Brown stadium and I had an epiphany. I saw a vision of some sort and I decided to do something. So it was kind of crazy and I had nothing but a napkin and an idea. So I started the company at UpTech and validated the concept. Billed it out and learned a ton and went through heck of a roller coaster.

2. Who is your target market?

For starters, season-ticket holders, whether they’re individuals, corporations or small or midsize businesses that have tickets they might not use. We really create a space to exchange and share tickets. From a buyer’s side, it’s somebody that has a flexible seating preference, they know they want to go to a game and they have a price in mind and they want something they can trust. They can browse our inventory and see what we have automatically and really take advantage of our request system.

3. How does the ticket exchange work?


Continue full article here: 9 Q&A: Tixers founder jumps into the online ticket biz, with a twist



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